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BARIGO HOLDINGS INC Inc A&D Industry Services & Solutions helps Aerospace, Defense organizations improve safety and security with advancement in technology, control costs, managing instrumentation integration’s, Using Standard data deployment methodologies by guiding through experts with specialized skills, business and functional knowledge.

USA Professional Consulting Services Provider BARIGO HOLDINGS INC offers Defense Consulting Services,Aerospace Consulting services,Defense consulting Services,support &Solutions.

BARIGO HOLDINGS INC Services to Aerospace Industry:

Our Services includes Passenger safety, comfort and convenience, Fuel cost, service operating, maintenance cost, In flight entertainment, analyzing electronics installation, services in flight, interior maintenance services, aero-engine analysis.

BARIGO HOLDINGS INC Services to Defense Industry:

Our Services includes Research, product development, work station maintenance, testing Services, engineering services, programming management, services, assistance provided in regarding active protection systems for Defense vehicles, soldier radio systems, and electronic systems for military aircraft’s.

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Information Technology Consulting Services-BARIGO HOLDINGS INC:

BARIGO HOLDINGS INC helps IT Industry overcome challenges with finance, maintenance, finding distribution channels, increased time to market, it and non it integrated services, technology advancements, and information delivery. BARIGO HOLDINGS INC Supports clients build abilities to create opportunities from challenges .our solutions strategies will sure improve your business efficiency, obtaining profits.

We render services includes Workflow Management, editing services, software management, Information Acquisition, Authoring, digitization, standardization, centralization, management services and solutions, providing analytics, reporting services, Business Processing outsourcing Services, quality analysis, and finalization services, information gathering or collecting services, source management service, Business details Services, Marketing research & services.

BARIGO HOLDINGS INC, USA IT Services & Solutions provider can be your long term partner rendering information services, solutions, with its focus on research and development, niche level innovation, its capabilities, experiences in understanding advancements done to the niche, Selecting BARIGO HOLDINGS INC as your Information service provider adds your business valuable efficiency ,results in efficient processes and flexibility in IT, Builds abilities to efficient business practice.

We add you additional capabilities to take control over niche and build skills with in your own professionals to handle the services in further future move. We guide clients examine all their IT programs and procedures from an alternative perspective to make sure better information flow, enhanced incorporation among systems elements, and to increase efficiency. We support to design better programs that manage and support long term modifications using the latest technological developments.

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Consulting Services for USA Media & Entertainment Providers-BARIGO HOLDINGS INC:

Learn more about our solutions, technology and consulting services for the media and entertainment providers.we can deliver more relevant, valuable Media &Technology IT, Management, Software application development, IT Consulting services.Our industry-leading Entertainment & Media Strategies, solutions and consulting services can help you create new customer value.

BARIGO HOLDINGS INC deliver business value to media and entertainment Industries with innovative Ideas, valued, portable services for leading clients with her deep experience in highly complex domain or niche areas.

Technology advancements are rapidly evolving, new strategies are being implemented by industrial owners, emerged new business models, customer habits leads to changes and raise in competition.

BARIGO HOLDINGS INC provides Services to Media and Entertainment industry with business transformations, innovate Ideas in business operations. We help our clients to adapt the solutions, strategies that allows or made business operations easier, to understand the expectations and needs of audience or customers, to build in abilities with in professionals to grab or create opportunities from challenges, creating new services, developing new business models, creating a cost-efficient infrastructure, to reuse business and technology assets to do more with less, with experience in consulting media and entertainment industry.

Consulting services and Solutions to Telecommunications industry-BARIGO HOLDINGS INC:

USA Telecom industry IT solutions and services providing firm,We provide sustainable IT and product development services to leading manufacturers of network and portable terminal devices and to telecom operators.

BARIGO HOLDINGS INC telecommunication technology, USA IT consulting services Provider to communications industry help clients achieve high performance by deploying innovative Communication solutions.

Consistent development in implementing, Interfacing, replacing technology with advancements, security and transformation in the enterprise and business requirements of the communication sector is noticed in near past since 10 years, innovative ideas 4G/LTE, cloud, social media, and smartphones adds value to this industry.

Advance implementations, integrations into communication industry completely changed the way we communicate, the ways we collect details, channels implementation, media creations to perform communications, directly, remotely, accessing peer around the globe, enabled parallel access technologies is an high end feature of the industry during these years.

BARIGO HOLDINGS INC communication industry services includes providing user experiences, easy access, and value added services with experience in understanding of current network systems, and Information technology transformation knowledge and the level needed to assist our clients.

BARIGO HOLDINGS INC understands considerable business effectiveness find new origins of earnings, ways to comfortable deal with a wide spectrum of suppliers and technology conditions. We with our business practices strive to provide tangible business outcomes to our customers.

Logistics Application-development, IT Management Consulting Services Provider -BARIGO HOLDINGS INC:

BARIGO HOLDINGS INC Services for Logistics Industry are proficient in abnormal state operations accomplishment, opportunities era, assemble and break down bits of knowledge of production network.

BARIGO HOLDINGS INC support Logistic Industry for providing IT Related Services incorporates Fleet Management, Freight Management, Roads and Highways, RFID for Track & Trace, Maintenance, and Repair. Operational Visibility, Event Correlation, Crew Management which helps an organization/Logistic Industry in obtaining benefits of lower Space funds and building expenses, enhanced profit with more effective material stream and ideal number of individuals included, Reductions in stock and expanded unwavering quality, diminished running expenses with better ROI.

We involve in giving administrations to organizations regarding logistics and Distribution conveys arrangements and Services addresses the customer necessities incorporates an issue of a framework mechanized with the procedures to overseas logistics stock, diminish stock life cycle, lessen authoritative overhead.

BARIGO HOLDINGS INC Servicing, counsel-ling, innovation, and sourcing with experience in advising, finding aid help customers illuminate complex business challenges, resolve complicated business problems by producing results in 3 crucial areas: business alteration, accelerating development, and successful operations


The pharma segment in USA is represented by both Indian and foreign companies. Currently the income generated is an estimated 13.1 billion dollars and USA is set to become one among the leading player in the pharma arena by 2020. The sector has been complimented by indigenous manufacturing units and has enabled the pharma companies to locate their units on foreign soils. The growth in the pharma sector has been extrapolated into related areas such as health care, medical tourism and insurance. This has contributed to an increased awareness on health care and paving way for the setting up several hospitals and health care centres across the country. The health care segment is soon to touch the 100 billion dollar mark in a couple of years.

Talent Challenges

Pharma is one sector in which skill is mandatory since it is research oriented. Pharma companies invest a lot of capital into R & D and therefore require skilled personnel. With the growing competition among several companies, the need for skilled workforce in the pharma sector has grown more and more. With the huge demand for newer medications, the companies are in acute need of skilled personnel.

The pharma sector is dependent on the word of mouth for filling the necessary requirements. Our consultants have therefore employed the methodology of human networking across personnel at different layers in the companies. These personnel have better perception of the sector and also on the working of the company. They are also able to give references on the personnel and therefore form a vital part of the recruitment process.

Our team of experts focus on extracting the right talent by carrying out stringent selection methods and the usage of referrals to good effect.

We are presently catering to local and international manpower requirements in the pharma sector.


Since the advent of the industrial revolution, Oil and Gas has become the life line of the major and developing economies worldwide. It is an established fact that the growth of a sector depends on the potential to employ people as well as the availability of good human resource. Oil and Gas is a sector that has been re-inventing itself into the next growth driven and BARIGO HOLDINGS INC. is making an all-out effort to make sure that our clients in the sector get best of the talent.


The FMCG and Retail segment has shown significant growth on the local and the global front and is attracting significant foreign investment. With the Government firmly working towards FDI in multiple retail brands the asset value of the retail market is estimated to be 2000 billion dollars in the next ten years. From the local grocer to the hypermarkets, the retail market is represented in every layer of the society. The super markets, shopping malls, the online portals and the hyper markets incorporate the organized sector employ manpower skilled and unskilled manpower in huge numbers and makes provision for alternate employment such as security, maintenance etc.

Talent Challenges

The sector has been unable to fill the huge demand for workforce and also train the workforce that is available to it. Since the retail sector alone has been unable to fill the growing vacuum, the industry has been drawing the required talent from allied industries such as hospitality and several other sectors. The retail market is now facing the challenge of bridging the void in vital areas such as supply chain management, customer relations and merchandising.